Apsara is a tale of sinister cultural wars eliding the prospect of genetic ‘revival’.  Themes that ‘intermingle’ in today’s vibrant animosity!

Two cells of jihadi terrorists create havoc that ranges from the farcical to the deadly; two Russian mafia brothers, one a patron of the arts, the other behind bars for brutally murdering a rival, share a budding consequential hatred of one another; and a horny sex addict goes ‘wonderfully’ berserk. These are a few of the characters populating Willard Thurston’s illustrated novel, Apsara, the restorative nymph enamored by both god and man.

All of the above is written in Thurston’s inimitably erudite, satiric fashion. Throughout the novel, we find recurring themes: voyeuristic licence in the media; the waging of a culture war on older stolid mores; and the furor of (radical and not-so-radical) feminism. It’s a world where identity and appearance are ever malleable; endowment vexes us with pesky philosophical questions, and the ruthless rarely confront their misthanthropy.  A tale for red-blooded readers!  — Beth Werner

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